The IASP gives special support to the development program of Hungarian Technology Parks

During his visit to Hungary, Luis Sanz, head of IASP’s knowledge sharing program, Norbert Mórucz and Dr. Roland Dávid, leaders of the TTP Association, held a meeting with Gergely Fábián, the state secretary responsible for industrial policy at the Ministry of Economic Development.


In his introduction, Luis Sanz emphasized that the strategic cooperation between the IASP and the TTP Association, which began in 2017, was successful, and a key milestone was the IASP European Division meeting held in Budapest last year.

The TTP Association assumes an important role in the introduction of IASP methodologies and benchmarks in Hungary, the 25 Technology Parks created in the last 10 years represent an important knowledge base and innovation potential for Hungary and IASP.


After the initial planning and policy cooperation, the following years will be about investment, business development and performance measurement, in which the Hungarian Technology Park System has significant experience – emphasized Norbert Mórucz, president of the TTP Association.

The TTP Association and the IASP have developed a complex qualification and evaluation system for Technology Parks, the application of which represents a reliable basis for the efficient use of Hungarian economic development resources and the return on investment.

According to Dr. Dávid Roland, the strategic director of the TTP Association, it is essential for Hungarian Technology Parks and the technology-intensive SME sector to create an R&D cadastre, which examines individual development projects from the point of view of economic and social benefit.

With the introduction of the methodology, the use of domestic and EU resources can be raised to a new level, transparency and profitability ensure effectiveness.

According to Gergely Fábián, the State Secretary responsible for industrial policy and technology, the application of international benchmarks is important in economic development, and Hungary relies on the cooperation of the IASP and the TTP Association in this regard.

In the renewed industrial strategy, sustainability, performance monitoring and profitability are key aspects, so the ministry prefers the establishment of modern industrial facilities and smart and energy-efficient technology parks during policy planning.


As a result of the discussion, the participants set the goal of creating a complex development program designed along international benchmarks.

In the first phase of the program, the modernization of the qualification system related to the titles “Industrial Park” and “Technology Park” and the development of the related policy proposal will take place , which will be prepared by the TTP Association with the involvement of domestic and international experts.

In the second phase, IASP and the TTP Association will create a multi-module training program that examines the needs of the Hungarian innovation ecosystem, from project planning methodologies to financial planning and operational models.

In the third phase of the program, the TTP Association prepares a detailed functional plan for the launch of an online investment platform cataloging the innovation capacities of the Technology Parks and the universities and companies connected to them, which, in addition to the administration and follow-up functions, is capable of ranking R&D projects according to professional policy priorities and business goals, and preparing decisions.

The development, system integration, operation and utilization of the results of the innovative solution can be done in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and the TTP Association, with the professional support and validation of the IASP.


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