Profile expansion at the Association of Science and Technology Parks – the professional organization is renewed with new services

The professional program that started twelve years ago reached an important milestone when, in strategic cooperation with the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), the TTP Association integrated the Hungarian Science and Innovation Parks and Technology Parks into the international innovation circuit.

In the independent economic development model, the criteria of higher education, policy and market players appear in parallel, so the Association of Science and Technology Parks provides added value to its members and partners with a renewed service portfolio and complex organizational development.

The past 12 years have been about model creation, strategic planning and the creation of the regulatory environment, the organization and business development of the Science and Technology Parks can be continued by cooperating with the IASP, which enables the creation of business models and the launch of competitive projects – he summarized the key elements of model creation.

Norbert Mórucz, president of the TTP Association:

After the establishment of the legislative environment, 18 applications for the title “Science and Technology Park” received positive evaluations. From 2014, Minister of National Economy Mihály Varga, and from 2018 Minister of Innovation and Technology László Palkovics decided on the awarding of the titles.

Parallel to the development of development strategies and business plans, IASP joined the work of the Hungarian organization in 2017, and in 2021, the construction of the system of university-related Science and Innovation Parks began.

In 2022, the Hungarian organization was able to organize the annual conference of the European Division of the IASP, and in the fall of 2022, the first Science Parks, Óbuda University, Sport Life Science Park, Sopron University and ZalaZONE won IASP membership – Norbert Mórucz summarized the milestones.

According to Dr. Roland Dávid, the strategic director of the TTP Association, in the coming years the focus will be on implementation, business development, university-corporate projects, market access and the launch of investments. .

Among the new services, project planning and preparation supported by value engineering, project management, organizational development, business consulting (sales, marketing), investor mediation, as well as the introduction of innovative financing models and systems for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of developments, have a prominent role.

The responsible and efficient use of resources is the basic and common interest of all actors, such as the state, higher education and the private sector.

In the IASP network, successful business and policy methodologies and partners used in the development of the knowledge-based economy are available for Hungary, whose direct channeling will be ensured by an independent division for the organization’s members and partners, emphasized Dr. Dávid Roland.

The presentation of the TTP Association’s new portfolio and services will take place in the framework of a professional conference following the organization’s 2023 General Assembly in May-June, which will be the organization’s first in-person domestic conference after the restrictions of previous years.

Information about the conference and the detailed program can be found at and www. We inform the membership, partners and all interested parties on our websites and on our social media pages.

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