IPE, a professional organization founded in 1994, is a member of the Industrial Park Council, the advisory, opinion-making and decision-making professional body of the Minister of Innovation and Technology, and has been supporting the development of the industrial park system for 27 years.

In addition to sectoral strategic planning, our organization’s profile includes developing and implementing the development concept for Industrial Parks and Science and Technology Parks, and we have unique professional competencies and references in the field.

For the further development of the industrial park system in Hungary, we developed a program with a national and international focus, which is divided into several areas, sectors and sub-projects. Our organization’s strategic partner is the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), since 2017, we represent Hungary as a member in the international organization.
We have an active bilateral relationship with the countries of the neighboring and Central-Eastern European regions; in the Joint Economic Committees, we have been performing tasks related to the field since 2014.

The objective of our organization is that the Hungarian Industrial Park and the TTP system, as an industrial and technological center, create an environment where technology-intensive companies are established instead of assembly plants: R&D centers and a solid Hungarian SME supplier sector created.

Through long-term cooperation, integrated industrial development economically reduces the exposure of established businesses to external factors.
In cooperation with local economic actors, the municipality participates in collaborations that build local characteristics, where the added value remains local.