National STP System

The Science and Technology Park (TTP) system is an improved version of the industrial park system based on added value and innovation. It has been a part of the relevant government decree since 2013 at the suggestion of the IPE.

The Hungarian model that builds local features combines the best development models with domestic industrial traditions and business models.
In STPs with a unique sector profile, university-company R&D is carried out locally, which locations are connected in joint coordination, and market-based tools and support programs, the latter within the framework of dedicated funds, provide financial resources.

The science park created by Stanford University is the most successful industrial development system of the past 60 years. The Hungarian implementation combines this with domestic industrial traditions and economic structures.
Its focus is on the industrialization factors of the 21st century, the highly qualified workforce, the research capacity and the availability of high-tech services.
Since 2011, the IPE has represented and managed the topic in cooperation with the professional organizational units of the Ministry and the portfolios.

The National Science and Technology Park Program aims to improve the quality of the industrial park system, create the science and technology centers of the future, and create the environment for the implementation of the Quadruple Helix and the Irinyi plan. . (XII. 22.) Government decree on industrial parks, the call for tenders was published in March 2014, the Minister of Innovation and Technology awards the titles.
Since the addition of the Science and Technology Park (TTP) system to the government decree in 2013 and the publication of the call for tenders, 20 TTPs have been created, which represent an independent economic development tool as the elite of the industrial park system.

The STP development plan aims to coordinate the R&D activities and innovative solutions of enterprises located in science and technology parks, adapt the planned R&D and other investments to company needs, and ensure high-quality services.