Dear IASP Members and Partners!

It is an honor for the Association of Science and Technology Parks to invite the IASP Community to the IASP European Division 2022 Workshop in Budapest for the first time on behalf of Hungary.

The past two years have presented us with many challenges, both professionally and privately.

The power of innovation and community collaboration has once again proven that it is resilient to global challenges and an effective response to the difficulties caused by the economic crisis.

We hope that the topics and panel discussions in the attached program will give a new impetus to the post-pandemic era and that together we will achieve an even more effective growth than in the previous years.

For detailed information, please, follow the links below:




If you have any further questions about the event, feel free to contact our colleague Lena Dávid at the following contacts: david.lena[at]ipe.hu ; +3620 388 5758.

Norbert Mórucz, president
Association of Science and Technology Parks