Project management – with its certified experts, the organization ensures the complex project management of developments, R+D+I projects and the creation of innovative infrastructure matching the requirements of the industrial park and science and technology park environment.

Value Engineering – by applying SAVE International’s function analysis methodology and standards, we provide cost control, precisely planned operation, marketability, and the change management necessary to maintain competitiveness with CVS and VMA certified experts.

Project development – we support the ideas of our partners, from the strategic planning of green or brownfield investments according to a predetermined schedule, through capital allocation and network building according to the focus of the field, to the implementation and operation of the complex construction.
Market research and international benchmarking – our organization represents Hungary in the International Association of Science and Technology Parks.
Accordingly, creating the Hungarian science park system, its complete planning and maintenance, and integrating the Hungarian system into international innovation networks are one of the main tasks of the organization.

Project financing – The Hungarian industrial, scientific and technology park system now includes R&D projects worth several thousand billion HUF, infrastructure development needs of the same magnitude, for which the organization uses international consortia partnerships, government resource planning, direct EU funds and plans market financing structures incorporating the possibilities of the EIB and involves them as needed and needed.