Finance Minister Mihály Varga hosted Luis Sanz and the leaders of the TTP Association in his office

The purpose of the consultation was to present the progress and results of the Hungarian Science Park System and the model change in higher education, as well as to present the organizational development and training program developed by IASP for Hungary.

According to Finance Minister Mihály Varga, Science and Innovation Parks play a prominent role in Hungarian economic development as the means of economic activity of universities.

He considered the progress of the past two years to be successful, the model-changed universities were successfully integrated into the economic circulation, and their collaborations and corporate relations multiplied during this time.

As the former chairman of the board of trustees of the Rudolf Kalman Óbuda University Foundation, he personally experienced the effectiveness of the new model at Óbuda University, and as finance minister he considers the added value to the national economy and the responsible use of budget resources to be the most important factors.


Dr. Roland Dávid, the strategic director of the TTP Alliance, reminded – through the Science and Technology Park system launched in 2013, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, Hungary has become a key player in the IASP network, as Minister of National Economy Mihály Varga decided to award 16 “Science and Technology Park” titles.

In addition to the complex development of the innovation ecosystem, the pillars of the independent economic development tool also supports the fulfillment of priority national economic goals:

-The model can be used to stop the so-called brain drain, in parallel with the creation of the transparent innovation ecosystem and the modernization of the utilization of intellectual property.

-The basis for the utilization of the portfolio of Science and Innovation Parks and the university knowledge base is the creation of the R&D cadastre, which enables financial evaluation and the analysis of market risks.

-The first level of market maturity of the innovation is the so-called Technology Readiness Level (TRL), based on which the goal is to bring TRL 7-9 level developments to the global market.

Norbert Mórucz, the president of the TTP Association, emphasized that the Science and Innovation Park model concentrates scientific research and development, high added-value technological activity and players of the innovation ecosystem in a new structure, thus creating the self-sustaining science and technology centers of the future.

With the establishment of the system of Science and Innovation Parks, Hungarian higher education innovation and model change proved that the Science and Innovation Park is the most effective innovation resource distribution system, which is resistant to global challenges and can provide an effective response to the difficulties caused by the economic crisis.

The past 10 years have been about model creation, strategic planning and the creation of the regulatory environment, and by cooperating with the IASP, the organizational and business development of the Science and Innovation Parks can begin, which enables the creation of business models and the launch of competitive projects.



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