The 39th International Conference of the IASP begins with Hungarian participation

The IASP organizes its 39th World Conference and the General Assembly on September 27-30th in Seville, Spain.

A Hungarian delegation will participate in the event for the first time. After IPE became a member in 2017, 4 new Hungarian members expanded the IASP network in 2022.
Before the conference on September 26th, those interested who registered for a tour could get to know the PCT Cartuja Science and Technology Park. On September 27th, new members could participate in the usual pre-conference training.

The PCT Cartuja, which hosts the 39th IASP World Conference, was created on the site of the 1992 World Exposition in Seville to utilize the infrastructure and building complex built for the event.
Today, the facility is the dominant Science and Technology Park of the Andalucia region, which currently houses two universities, three incubators, and 556 innovative businesses with a total of 25,000 employees.
The exciting thing about the location is that in 1992, Seville won the right to host it just ahead of Budapest. The site of the expo is under cultural heritage protection, including the Hungarian pavilion designed by Imre Makovecz.

The Hungarian delegation of the IPE, the Association of Science and Technology Parks, the University of Óbuda, Science Pillar Nonprofit Kft., Sport Life Science Park, and the ZalaZONE Industrial Park Zrt. will be represented at the conference and general meeting.

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