Luis Sanz is visiting Hungary for the fourth time

At the invitation of the Association of Science and Technology Parks (TTP Association) Luis Sanz, the former director general of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), head of the IASP knowledge center and knowledge sharing program, will visit Hungary between April 3-4, 2023.  

The international professional organization, founded in 1984, represents 366 members from 71 countries, indirectly represents 140,000 companies, and is headquartered in Spain.

Mr. Sanz is an internationally recognized expert in the development of science and innovation parks, he has been involved in the activities of IASP since the beginning and he is a leading consultant in several Science Parks.

The purpose of the visit is to present and evaluate the progress of the Science Park System in Hungary, to present good practices, and to present the organizational development and training program developed by IASP for Hungary.

Since 2017, Hungary and the domestic Science and Innovation Parks have been represented in the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) by the Association of Science and Technology Parks.

The cooperation with IASP lays the foundation for the international validation and integration of the Science and Innovation Park and the Technology Park as independent economic development tools, and this also contributes to increasing Hungary’s international reputation.

Exactly one year ago, between March 31 and April 1, 2022, organized by the TTP Association, Budapest hosted the IASP European Board meeting and the international professional conference that followed the meeting.

The event was attended by 38 IASP members from 15 countries, 90 Hungarian participants, representatives of the science and innovation parks of 8 universities, as well as representatives of start-ups and innovative companies.

In parallel with the renewal of the innovation ecosystem, Hungarian higher education innovation and model change have proven that the Science and Innovation Park is the most effective innovation resource distribution system, which is resistant to global challenges and can provide an effective response to the difficulties caused by economic crises.

By including Hungary in the circulation of the IASP, the TTP Association has successfully laid the foundation for the future of Hungarian universities and science and innovation parks, from which we can expect significant scientific, professional, and business results in the fields of R&D.

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